About Vibrac Europe

For more than 20 years we have represented US company Vibrac. Initially trading under a different name, we established the European Distributorship on their behalf, selling and promoting their products with particular emphasis on Cap Torque Testing and our involvement with this product has remained ever since. A few years ago it became clear that we needed to expand our platform and provide a clear identity to the market place and so Vibrac Europe Limited was established in 2007. Operating from our base in the UK we are a prime European Distributor for the products of Vibrac. During more than 25 years we have gained massive experience in Torque measurement applications, covering many industry sectors and product applications.

Vibrac Europe Ltd was responsible for bringing the legendary Torqo to the European market place and although this has now been replaced by the newer 'Cap Inspector', we still continue to support Torqo.

The Vibrac Corporation Inc. was founded in 1960 and has been manufacturing precision electromechanical test equipment for the past 50 years. Located in Amherst, New Hampshire (USA), Vibrac® manufactures a broad range of automated and manual precision testing systems for accurately measuring torque of numerous types of rotational devices.

Vibrac HeadquartersOriginally in the high performance MPC clutch and brake business, Vibrac® has grown to become a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing highly accurate torque measurement systems. These systems are used for testing small motors, bearings, fasteners, medical devices, threaded container closures (caps), knobs, switches, computer disc drives, etc. Vibrac’s reputation for producing reliable testing systems has brought companies to Vibrac® from around the world. Customer applications commonly require important torque performance data for improving product quality, product reliability and engineering design. Vibrac® customers come from many industries, including the automotive, aerospace, beverage, pharmaceutical, computer, cosmetic, chemical, hardware and military industries.

At Vibrac Europe Ltd, we provide free consultation and advice which together with our engineering services allow us to suggest and configure systems to suit virtually any 'Torque/Motion' application. Demonstrations, training, spare parts and servicing and official calibration services are all available on request. 

We are currently looking for experienced sales representatives and distributors for certain territories. Knowledge and experience with Torque and/or Viscosity is required. Please contact us for more information.