Calibration Services and Equipment

The Gold Standard

Torque Validation

The Gold Standard (sometimes called the Gold Bottle) is used to verify the operational repeatability of torque testing instruments.

This bottle is constructed with high energy permanent magnets and is pre-set at the factory to a customer specified torque value, each Gold Standard is labeled with its exact torque rating and repeats to an accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale.

Since the cap torque of this bottle is the torque produced by the permanent magnets, the value will always be the same unless something has changed within the torque test instrument itself. The user is thus able to quickly check the torque tester without having to go through the calibration procedure.

The Gold Standard can be provided with a cap mounted, to match a customers cap chuck, this considerably reduces the changeover time between testing samples and using the Gold Standard for a verification check. There is no additional charge for this when specified for a new Bottle.

As with all calibration devices, Gold Standards need periodic calibration checks and we operate a low cost re-calibration service with a very quick turn round, please ask for details.