Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend more for a motorised (automatic) torque testing system

Different operators will apply different forces to manual torque testing devices and the force applied directly relates to the torque measured. When torque is measured by using a manual torque meter, an operators hand is responsible for applying the twisting force to the cap in order for the cap to rotate to the removal or application point. At this point, torque data is recorded and displayed on the torque measurement device. During this process, an increase in the the force applied by the operator to the cap, or an increase in the speed at which the force is applied, will result in an increase in the measured torque of the cap and vice-versa. In order for accurate and reliable data to be obtained, each operator must apply precisely the same amount of force to the cap on each test cycle, which is impossible when testing manually. With a motorised (automatic) system, the force applied to a cap is precisely the same in each testing cycle, regardless of whom may be operating the equipment, or how srong they may be.

What is meant by Non-Destructive Testing

The system allows operators to test product(s) straight from the production line without having to waste the product after the testing has been performed. The unique motorised drive in the instrument allows operators to run the necessary test without breaking the tamper evident band, or losing any C02 content in a consumer drinks product. The instrument will control the test to search, find and record the release torque without any loss of C02 content from the bottle and leaving the tamper evident seal totally intact. After the test has been completed and the data has been captured, the operator can place the product back into production without posing any risk to consumers.

What is the difference between the Cap Torque Tester and the Test-All

The Cap Torque Tester is our standard product for testing most bottle/container/cap applications and the Test-All is our configurable base module frequently used for building solutions to specific and unusual applications.

Do Vibrac manufacture all of their products

Yes, all Vibrac products are designed and manufactured ‘in house’ and with over 50 years of experience to call upon are considered by many to be the world’s foremost torque/motion solutions provider.

Does the Cap Torque Tester have any parts that wear out and need replacing after time.

The instrument is designed with few moving parts and used correctly we would not expect any parts to be replaced because of wear during the lifetime of the product.

Does the equipment have any warranty

Yes, a full 12 months warranty applies to parts and labour on all Vibrac products.

How accurate is the range of instruments

All instruments are accurate to +/- 0.5% of full scale, therefore a 30in/lb instrument will be accurate to +/- 0.15 in/lb

Is it necessary to have formal training Torque Test products

Our equipment is supplied with a very comprehensive but easy to use operators guide, our experience is that generally the end user does not require formal training, however training can be arranged on application.

What type of bottle and cap can I test

Our Cap Torque equipment is designed to accept almost all types of bottles, containers and caps.

Is our Cap Torque Test equipment only for testing bottles and caps

No, many different types of products can be tested from many different industries i.e. Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automobile, Chemical, Food & Beverage, basically any test concerning motion and torque.

Why should I use Vibrac Europe Ltd for maintenance and calibration

Because we are factory trained and have full access to spare parts and technical assistance.

Can measurement results be downloaded to a PC

Yes via USB or RS232 port, data can be downloaded directly onto a PC. As an option we also supply our own ‘Graph-it’ software allowing time v torque analysis.  

Can the Cap Torque Test equipment be connected to a companies Local Area Network (LAN)

Yes, it can communicate with company networks (LAN) via the on-board Ethernet connector.

How often should Torque Test equipment be calibrated

We recommend the equipment is calibrated at least once a year

Can Vibrac equipment be calibrated by the end user

Yes it can provided the end user has a certified ‘Calibration Kit’, the process is fully described in the user manual, we also supply the necessary calibration equipment.

What is the difference between a Gold Bottle and a Calibration Kit

The Gold Bottle is designed to be used very frequently to verify correct calibration quickly and easily by the end user, but cannot be used to re-calibrate an instrument, for this a calibration kit must be used.

Are Vibrac systems CE marked

Yes they are.

Does Vibrac Europe provide installation and training

We provide a full program of installation, training, calibration and maintenance services

Our liquid product is very corrosive, is the equipment protected against ingress of moisture and dust

Yes, all Vibrac instruments are robustly designed to operate in a production environment and to resist product, moisture and dust ingress, even in clean down area’s frequently found in the beverage industry.