General Torque Testing Overview

Measuring cap torque in the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage is only a part of our story, we also have systems that can measure and record torque for multitude of torque and motion applications. Test-All ll is a multi-purpose system that can be configured to perform tests on a wide variety of products, covering many industries. Test-All ll can be supplied as standard, in either ‘Horizontal’ or ‘Vertical’ versions, or where the standard system is insufficient, can be custom built to meet a customers specific requirements.

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Our Model 1560 Test-All II Torque Tester is an innovative, cost-effective bench top system for measuring the torque characteristics of rotating devices. It has been used to test devices such as, valves, screw fixings, military components, Night Vision Apparatus, Helicopter Links, Aerospace components, knobs, levers, Light Bulbs, Regulators, spherical bearings, small motors, and other numerous rotating devices.  Easy to use programming features enable the user to tailor a test to the requirements of almost any application. The tooling is custom designed to meet the customer's specifications and testing requirements.

Test-All ll is designed to test a wide variety of fasteners, security screws, and heli-coils, etc. and would provide a means of quality testing Non - Recess TRF Shear Bolts, Shear Nuts and similar fasteners.

Our range also includes:

Test-All ll Calibrator system: specializes in accurate, repeatable and durable testing of sensitive torque screwdrivers, wrenches and other devices.

Vibrac was established more than 50 years ago and specializes in the design and manufacture of highly accurate systems for measuring the torque characteristics of rotating devices including the art of anti-friction bearing inspection. Vibrac have developed equipment for several Government agencies and prime contractors, specifically in the aerospace and defense arenas.