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3 Advantages to having a customised cap chuck for cap torque testing

Serrated caps frequently used in the beverage and pharmaceutical industry are prone to slippage during torque tests especially when used with hand testers or “universal” type chuck solutions. Torqo, the computerized cap torque testing unit offered from Mesa Labs, offers a customized chuck for each bottle and cap type developed from samples provided by the customer. These customized chucks provide significant advantages including:

1. Ensuring the most accurate testing because the EDM chuck is designed to exactly fit the unique serration pattern of the closure.

2. Allowing for consistent and repeatable testing because the chuck fits the cap the same way each time. Cannot be adjusted.

3. Reduces the prep time before the test because the user does not have to re-adjust the universal plugs.

Using a customized chuck for cap torque testing not only will provide more consistent results but also will save set up time for the user and thus increase productivity.  Contact us for further information.

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