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Hot Fill Packaging

The hot fill packaging process has become very popular in the beverage industry for several reasons. Firstly, the heat is an effective method to sterilize the container and prevent bacteria growth. Another advantage of the hot fill process is that it offers the bottler the capability to produce products in shorts runs which can expand the capabilities of and reduce the costs for packagers.   It is also a less rigorous level of implementation and product preparation. Many consumers are becoming aware of the ill effects of chemicals and preservatives in the packaging process and hot fill offers bottlers an alternative to incorporating these into their process. Hot fill can be suitable for multiple different types of drinks and can significantly extend the shelf life of a product.

The process works with sensitive < 4.5 PH beverages that are first pasteurized to neutralize the microbiological state. This is also known as chemical neutralization which is the reaction of an acid with a base. Then from the pasteurizer, the products are hot filled, capped and then turned on the side which in turn sterilizes the cap, killing unwanted bacteria. Immediately after this the bottles are cooled down to ensure the product and vitamin integrity. More and more companies are leaning toward the hot fill process. The industry is well positioned to continue to serve consumers with the introduction and the evolution of the new environmentally friendly hot fill process.

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