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Thin walled plastic bottles

A new trend in the bottling industry is creating difficulties for those trying to test cap torque values within their bottling line. New, thinner plastic bottles are increasing in popularity by bottlers due to the fact that they are lighter and cheaper, thus reducing overhead costs and increasing the company’s environmental reputation. This trend, however, does create some issues for cap torque testers.


The lighter plastic makes it more difficult for traditional torque testing devices to grip the bottles using standard techniques and equipment/accessories.Though not impossible, this difficulty can result in inconsistent and inaccurate testing results. To combat this issue, Torqo from Mesa Labs has introduced a new long pin vice as a solution for cap torque testing on the newer bottle designs. This new vice allows the Torqo torque testing system to repeatedly make consistent and accurate readings of these new types of bottles by increasing the area of the bottle that the vice can hold on to.

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