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Universal Cap Chuck

When caps are tested on an automatic system such as Cap Inspector or Torqo, we usually hold the cap in a device called the cap chuck, (EDM) this is typically a specially engineered part made to suit a particular cap that has serrations around the outside, the serrations are used to apply a driving force to release the cap.  The EDM cap chuck is the best all round solution for serrated caps but is cap specific.


So what happens if the cap has no serrations and is smooth sided, such as many of those used within the cosmetic industry.  In these circumstances a normal cap chuck is no use, so we need to find another solution.  The Compressed Ring Chuck is the usual choice, but is cap specific, we have had great sucess with our Universal Cap Chuck, this employs grips to hold the most difficult caps and can accept caps from 15mm diameter up to 150mm diameter, this makes it a very low cost solution if many different caps need to be tested, for example in R & D departments.

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