Our products are designed with a user friendly interface and delivered with a very comprehensive operators manual that is easy to understand, in addition we provide telephone support during normal working hours.

Because of the intuitive design of our instruments and the clear instructions in the operators manaual, we find that most of our users are able to install and operate our equipment without the need for formal training, however we do offer full installation and training programs if required. Training can take place at the end users facility or at the Vibrac offices in the UK. Please contact us for details.

In our experience, training large groups of people together is often counter productive, due to lack of focus and production issue distractions. We can do this if necessary, but we would advise a program that concentrates on comprehensive training for 1 or 2 nominated trainers within the user group. This creates a small 'expert group' that would be responsible for training their colleagues, regardless, support is always available from Vibrac Europe.

Pictured below is the training facility at the Vibrac Europe offices in the UK.

Vibrac Europe Training Facility Vibrac Europe Training Room
Vibrac Europe Training Facility Highfield House

Our offices at Highfield House have full facilities and on-site parking.