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Tablet Tooling Storage

Modular Storage

We have developed a unique modular storage system for tablet punches & dies and small press parts. Using a basic drawer unit we are able to easily customise this to hold a variety of parts securely and safely.

An example of this is our customised solution for storing Fette Die Segments; As more and more tablet manufacturers begin to use Fette Die Segments, the question of how to store and handle these parts has become vitally important.

  • Construction material is powder coated steel or stainless steel
  • Contact point inside the drawer units are stainless steel and food grade plastic
  • Drawers can be locked for security
  • Labeling system for easy identification
  • Holds 3 or 5 segments per drawer (6 drawers per unit)
  • Heavy duty telescopic drawer slides for easy access

As with all tablet tooling, die segments are at their most vulnerable to damage when they are outside the tablet press. If a conventional die becomes damaged it is simply a matter of replacing a small and relatively inexpensive item. However, if a die segment is damaged, the cost of replacement will be very significant together with a long lead time;

So if your company is using Fette Segmented Dies, why don’t you ask us about what we believe to be the best storage solution on the market, designed Specifically for Fette Die Segments and manufactured to a very high standard in the United Kingdom. Be sure your expensive press parts are safe and secure

Our storage units are constructed from mild steel and powder coated.  As an option they can be manufactured from stainless steel.

The contact parts inside the draw units are stainless steel and food grade plastic. The units can be bespoke designed and installation project managed.

The illustrations above show a recent Installation at an AstraZeneca plant.

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