Industries and Applications – Some of the main area's where our products are used

Our torque related equipment is used by most world-wide industry sectors for a massive range of applications. Industries like the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Chemical & Automobile, are very closely regulated and their quality systems are subject to close scrutiny by the consumer. Our systems are made for such situations, highly accurate and repeatable, tests can be carried out non-subjectively and without destroying the product which can be put back 'on line' after testing. A key application within the Pharmaceutical industry is the measurement of Child Resistant Closures (CRC), our cap torque system has been designed to measure this type of closure, applying a downforce that can be adjusted to suit a particular cap.

Many Bottling plants use ROPP type closures, Cap Inspector features a routine specifically for these. In one cycle we measure the removal torque, then break the bridges and finally re-tighten until the thread strips, all three measurements are recorded and stored in memory.

Practically everything that moves has one or more bearings built into the mechanism and the Bearing Inspector ll is the perfect instrument to test the static and rolling torque of almost any kind of bearing.

House-hold products with irregular shaped bottles and caps, Chemical containers, Medical bottles & Vials, Industrial valves, regulators and screw fixings.

Calibrating hand held torque tools has never been easier when the Test-All Calibrator is used.


  • Pharmaceutical

    With almost 50 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Vibrac has established itself as the worldwide leader in the manufacture of Torque Test Equipment for both production and laboratory applications.

    The Cap Inspector combines the features of the 15-year old factory floor proven Torqo with the latest HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology to bring cap torque testing to a new level of accuracy and simplicity.

    The model shown here is a previous Vibrac Torqo system. We now offer the later Cap Inspector.

    A variety of tests to meet every need.

    • Removal Test
    • Incremental Test
    • Bridge Test
    • Reverse Ratchet Test
    • ROPP Test
    • Apply Closures to a specific torque - Accurately
    • Child Resistant Closures
    • Life Test

    General Specification
    The torque ranges and accuracies displayed in the following table are all inclusive. Testing can be destructive or non-destructive, depending on the cap and bottle design.
    The resolution of all models is 0.1%

    Model No. Max Torque Lb/in (Nm) Accuracy +/- % FS
    2100S-10 10 (1.13) 0.5
    2100S-20 20 (2.26) 0.5
    2100S-30 30 (3.39) 0.5
    2100S-40 40 (4.51) 0.5
    2100S-50 50 (5.65) 0.5
    2100S-70 70 (7.90) 0.5
    2100H-100 100 (11.30) 0.5
    2100H-200 200 (22.60) 0.5

    How easy it it to operate?

    Operating Environment
    Temperate Range: 41° F to 104° F(5° C to 40° C)
    Humidity Range: Up to 90% (non-condensing)
    System Weight: 75 lbs / 34 kg

  • Food and Beverage

    One of the most important aspects of making and selling world-class beverages involves a process that the consumer never sees: quality control. Indeed, most bottlers consider QC to be the heartbeat of their production operations, and the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Mobile, AL, as division of Coca-Cola Consolidated, is no exception.

    To ensure that all products meet its high standards, the bottler uses various testing methods, including regular removal and incremental torque procedures. Yet efficient torque-testing used to be fairly tough to come by, according to Mobile Coca-Cola spokesperson Norm Zgonce, primarily because of human error. “Our goal was to remove the human element from the torque-testing procedure in hopes of reducing the overall variation within the capping process,” he explains. “At the very least, we wanted the ability to isolate the remaining variability to the capper, not the testing process.” The bottler also sought to minimize human error, while simultaneously stepping up line-operator involvement in torque testing.

    Toward this dual end, Mobile Coca-Cola installed a Cap Torque system from Vibrac and after a few months of testing, the system went “live”. For its part, the bottler had to enter certain program revisions to the data-management system in its QC lab. (This particular computer allows communication between the various pieces of equipment used in the plant.) “All told, the unit was set up in about 30 minutes,” Zgonce says. Now, in typical removal and incremental torque testing, a technician removes one bottle from each capper head. The bottle is secured, the systems “open” key is engaged and the automatic test commences. Once completed, results from the system can be displayed on a computer screen, sent to a printer or transferred directly into the QC lab’s computer.

    “Since the system is totally automatic, any individual can perform the test without making a mistake,” says Zgonce. “In addition, the Vibrac system has given us improved test consistency and reduced overall test variation by removing the person-to-person variation from the test procedure.”

  • Automobile

    Use Your Test-All II to Test Fuel Filler Caps

    Rotate Clockwise for “360 Degrees”.
    Then view the results.

  • Aerospace

    Measuring the Misalignment torque of a spherical bearing in a link is easy, accurate and quick.

    Just Let the Test-All II do it

    Test the link by rotating it 15º clockwise and then 15º counter-clockwise, 3 times in each quadrant, at both ends and then output the 48 measurements.


    Measuring the Misalignment torque of a spherical bearing in a link is easy, accurate and quick.

    Just Let the Test-All II do it

    Test the link by rotating it 15º clockwise and then 15º counter-clockwise, 3 times in each quadrant, at both ends and then output the 48 measurements.



    CW CCW
    Sample 1: 02.36 02.02
    Sample 2: 02.10 02.00
    Sample 3: 02.12 02.04
    Sample 4: 02.58 02.30
    Sample 5: 02.26 02.16
    Sample 6: 02.22 02.14
    Sample 7: 02.28 02.24
    Sample 8: 02.08 02.06
    CW CCW
    Sample 9: 02.14 02.12
    Sample 10: 02.66 02.30
    Sample 11: 02.22 02.12
    Sample 12: 02.22 02.12
    Sample 13: 02.06 02.02
    Sample 14: 02.10 02.02
    Sample 15: 02.14 02.02
    Sample 16: 02.68 02.30
    CW CCW
    Sample 17: 02.30 02.24
    Sample 18: 02.28 02.22
    Sample 19: 02.60 02.26
    Sample 20: 02.24 02.22
    Sample 21: 02.18 02.22
    Sample 22: 02.68 02.28
    Sample 23: 02.32 02.24
    Sample 24: 02.32 02.22

  • Chemical / Household

    Typical application of an unusual bottle

  • Industrial

    Use Your Test-All II to test Valves

    Rotate Clockwise for “180 Degrees” and return to the Starting Position.
    Rotate Counter Clockwise for “180 Degrees” and return to the Starting Position.
    Then view the results.

  • Medical

    Vibrac have provided test solutions for many medical applications

    • Tablet bottles
    • Tablet dispensers
    • Inhalers
    • Ear drops
    • Eye drops
    • Hyperdermic syringes
    • Liquid preparations
    • Nasel sprays
  • Cosmetics

    We have solutions for countless cosmetic applications, any product having a screw top or rotary dispenser can be accurately and quickly tested.

    • Toothpaste
    • Eye Liner
    • Scents
    • Creams
    • Ointments
    • Face & Body Preparations
    • Eye drops