Torque Maintenance, Service and Spare Parts


Torqo Maintenance and Spare Parts

Vibrac torque testing equipment is very robust and built to withstand the demanding conditions of a busy production area. However we do recommend that the equipment is inspected periodically to ensure proper functionality and continued accuracy. Vibrac Europe has trained engineers able to carry out repair and preventative maintenance and only Vibrac engineers are trained and qualified to carry out instrument calibration.

Spare Parts for Torque Equipment

Only genuine Vibrac change parts or replacement parts should be used with Vibrac equipment otherwise functionality and accuracy could be impaired. We carry a full inventory of parts in stock for all Vibrac instruments.

Closure Change Parts

Over the years we have engineered solutions for all types of torque related applications. We can manufacture special tooling for any type of closure or bottle or any other application and we offer this service with a very short lead-time. To receive advice and guidance contact us and if possible send samples of the product to be tested direct to Vibrac Europe Ltd (UK) for a free feasibility study and recommendation.