Digital Torque Instrument Model 7218

Digital Torque Instrument Model 7218 The Model 7218 is the basic instrument for use with Vibrac's line of Optical Torque Transducers. The 7218 instrument contains the driving circuitry for the Transducer optics as well as the digital torque display. The 4-1/2 digit display can be switched to either English or Metric units, as well as displaying the percentage of full-scale of the transducer range. A peak detecting circuit captures and stores in memory Transient Torque Peaks, which may occur faster than the digital meter's conversion rate.

The front panel selector switch automatically ranges the instrument for use with any Vibrac Transducer. Calibration of Transducer zero and span is accomplished with one front panel control knob.

The versatile instrument also provides a 0-10 volt DC analog output for use with auxiliary equipment such as oscilloscopes and XY Plotters.


Diagram of Digital Torque Instrument Model 7218

Front Panel Description

POWER - System power switch.

TRANSDUCER SELECTOR - The thumb-wheel switch is for selecting the corresponding transducer heads for use with this instrument and for selecting the engineering units to be displayed on the torque readout (English or Metric units).

ZERO ADJUST - For setting the proper zeroing voltage for the transducer that is connected to the instrument.

TORQUE READOUT - The 4-1/2 digit readout is scaled to read torque in direct engineering units or in percent full scale.

PEAK - The lighted push-button switch, when engaged, will display peak torque from internal holding circuits on the torque display.

HOLD - The lighted push-button switch, when engaged, will HOLD or LOCK the digital torque display.

RESET - The lighted push-button switch, when engaged, will reset the peak holding circuits.

General Specifications

INPUT POWER - 115 v AC 60 Hz (optionally available 220 v AC 50 Hz)

DIMENSIONS - Height 9 in (23 cm) x Width 20.5 in (52 cm) x Depth 19 in (48 cm)

WEIGHT - Approximately 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

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