Test-All II Precision Torque Tester

Test-All II Vertical
Test-All II Vertical
Test-All II Horizontal
Test-All II Horizontal

As the industry leader in the precision torque test equipment market, Vibrac continues to develop advanced technological solutions to industrial torque testing problems. Over fifty years of experience in the field of torque measurement has resulted in the development of this patented digital measuring system. The Model 1560 Test-All II Torque Tester is an innovative, cost-effective, multi purpose bench top system for measuring the torque characteristics of rotating devices. It has been used to test devices such as fasteners, gas caps, window cranks, medical devices, military components, night vision apparatus, and helicopter links, among numerous others. Easy-to-use programming features enable the user to tailor a test to the requirements of almost any application.

Torque Testing… Made Easy!

The new Test-All II, with a Windows-based control software, and touch screen display and interface, proves that torque testing is now simple, accurate and affordable. This compact system measures and stores test results at the touch of a button. Features include:

  • Simple touch screen programming
  • Automatic testing and data logging
  • Completely calibratable in the field
  • NIST Traceable calibration
  • Instant on; no warm-up period
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • RS 232 output port
  • USB data upload/download port
  • Full one-year warranty

The Test-All II provides accurate and reliable information that allows you to track performance and predict potential problems before they occur. By using data provided by the Test-All II, you are able to rapidly identify problem situations and make corrections, thereby eliminating uncessary expenses caused by defects. Additional benefits gained by using the Test-All II for your torque testing are:

  • The ability to perform non-destructive testing
  • Eliminate physical injuries related to the repetitive motion of manual testing (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis)
  • Data output is in a digital format, as required for ISO 9000 series documentation and certification
  • Produces repeatable results for simplifying reporting for quality standards verification
  • Assistance in selecting the correct system for each application
  • Availability of on-site training and demonstration of the system

Test-All II Easily Selected Test Features

From a simple move test to a multi-cycle bi-directional test, with run-ins and naps, the Test-All II does it all.

Select a Profile From Memory

A library of tests can be easily created to make the operator's job simple and efficient.

Calibrate On-Site

The Test-All II comes with a Certificate of Calibration that assures traceability to NIST standards. System repeatability and calibration can be verified on site simply by running a sample test with our "Gold Standard" (an optional magnetic torque device, set to a predetermined torque at our factory). Calibration can even be performed at any time without returning the system to the factory. Anyone can perform this procedure by using a Vibrac Calibration Kit and by following the simple on-screen instructions and pictures which will guide the user through the complete calibration process.

Built for the Factory Environment

This metal-housed unit with its abrasion-resistant finish can withstand the dust and liquid spills that occur during normal factory use. The display screen arm and housing are made using heavy gage aluminum to prevent damage from lifting, bumping and other common impact situations.

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  • Programming Features
    Test-All II

    Uni-directional Test: This test will rotate the DUT (Device Under Test) in the direction selected on the keypad and the peak torque will be measured and displayed. The test results can be saved in memory or outputted through the RS 232 port. The test speed and the distance or time to test is programmable.

    Bi-directional Test: This test will rotate the DUT in both directions and the peak torque will be measured and displayed. Both measured values will be displayed and can be stored in memory and outputted. As seen in the single direction test, the speed and the distance or time to test is programmable.

    Set Torque Test: This test will rotate the DUT in the direction selected until the set torque is achieved or the torque drops off suddenly. If the desired torque is not reached the drop off value will be captured and displayed. Once again the results can be stored or outputted. This test can be performed in either or both directions and at a programmable speed.

    Multi-Tests: The tests described above can be performed a programmable number of times, with naps between tests, to life test a device.



    Testing Made Easy
    Just select a test to run from the select test profile screen. The selected profile will then be loaded from memory and the software will advance to the run screen.


    Run Screen
    Just press Start and the test will be performed and the results displayed. Pass / Fail limits can be programmed to automate the decision process.


    Creating Test Profiles
    Easy to use programming menus enable the user to customize a test to the requirements of almost any application.

  • General Specifications
    Test-All II Vertical
    Test-All II Vertical

    Test-All II Horizontal
    Test-All II Horizontal

    Test-All II Torque Ranges and Accuracies

    Torque ranges and accuracies.









    Selecting the Correct Range

    A model should be selected on the basis of having most of the testing performed in the mid-range of the device (i.e., between 25% and 75% of the torque capacity).

  • Torque Verification
    Gold Standard Bottle

    Gold Standard - The Worldwide Standard in Torque Verification

    The Gold Standard is designed to quickly verify the calibration and repeatability of the Test-All II series of torque test systems.

    The Gold Standard can be configured into the shape of a device so as to fit into Vibrac's standard tooling packages. It is fitted with a head piece designed according to the customer's testing requirements. It can also be fitted with a handle for non-motorized applications.

    The bottle is constructed using high-energy permanent magnets and heavy-duty bearings to insure the long-term durability and accuracy of this calibration standard. Each Gold Standard is labeled with its exact torque rating and is supplied with a certificate of calibration and traceability. When used on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, the accuracy of the user's test results can be assured.


  • Test-All II – Tips

    Graph-It!... Make Your Test-All II into a High-Powered Data Analysis Tool

    Just connect it to a PC and run Vibrac's Graph-It! Software. Graph-It! Software, available in Windows XP® and Wondows Vista® formats, provides for on-screen data and graphical analysis of Torque vs Position data.

    Graph-It! is a National Instruments Labview® based program which is designed to graph test results, overlay data, automatically save data and export to programs like Excel. On-screen measurements can be performed with the cursors and controls provided.

    Photo of the Test-All II Interface on a Monitor

    Fasteners... Use Your Test-All II to Test Self-Locking Fasteners

    Rotate Clockwise for "x" turns to the Starting Position.
    Rotate Clockwise for "x" turns and record the peak torque.
    Rotate Counter Clockwise to the Starting Position and record the peak torque.
    Repeat for as many cycles as required.

    A sample torque graph Photo of the Test-All II in use

    Measuring the Misalignment Torque of a spherical bearing in a link should be easy, accurate and quick.

    Let the Test-All II do it... Test the link by rotating it 15° clockwise and then 15° counter-clockwise, 3 times in each quadrant, at both ends and then output the 48 measurements.


    Photo of the Test-All II in use Photo of the Test-All II in use

    Test Results

    Chart Chart Chart

    Use Your Test-All II to Test Gas Caps...

    Rotate Clockwise for "360 Degrees". Then view the results.

    Sample Torque Graph Photo of the Test-All II in use

    Use Your Test-All II to Test Valves...

    Rotate Clockwise for "180 Degrees" and return to the Starting Position.
    Rotate Counter Clockwise for "180 Degrees" and return to the Starting Position.
    Then view the results.

    Sample Torque Graph to Test Valves

    Photo of the Test-All II in use

    Use Your Test-All II to Test Automotive Seals...

    Measure "Breakaway" Torque and "Running" Torque in a single Test.
    Rotate the axle seal "360 Degrees" and view the torque graph on the display.
    Then print the results with your Graph-It software.


    Test Auto Seals GraphTest Automotive Seals