Torque Graph Software

Live Display Torque vs. Position

Torqo Graph-It Software

Reporting Features

  • Both English and Metric units of measurement are selectable with the click of a mouse.
  • Graphing tools are provided for customising graphs.
  • Graphs can be overlaid for determining consistency and repeatability of the product.
  • Data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel® and other commercially available programs.
  • End of test reports can be customized to meet a user's requirements.


Our Torque Measurement product line has been providing accurate torque measurement readings for the past 50 years. The cap torque system incorporates 25 years of factory floor proven technology, supplying customers with precision torque data to help improve the production as well as the packaging of the product.

Our cap torque systems have become the standard in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries, consistently providing accurate and reliable torque level readings to help companies manage quality control. Vibrac will continue to develop the cap torque product line, helping to maintain and develop exceptional tools that will aid our customers in exceeding industry production specifications as well as maintain the quality standards of the product for the end user.

Graphing Tools and Test Reports

Torque Graph Software

Program Description and Features

This Windows based program was designed to produce a live display of torque vs. position when a Torque Test System is connected to a PC.

A user-friendly front panel that is consistent with other Windows® type programs is provided for communicating with this National Instrument Labview application.

  • Drop down menus provide for the rapid recall and saving of test results.
  • Zooming tools are provided for mak- ing on screen measurements.
  • Simply click on the Zoom Button and the selection screen will appear.

Torque Graph Software