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Trade in your old Torqo

Users of older Vibrac Torqo models can now trade them in as part exchange towards the latest Cap Inspector.  This new model has all the features of the old Torqo models with the added benefit of up-rated components and Windows 7 operating system.  Enquire for further details.

New Windows 7 smart screen operator interface

New front panel with date & time display

Screen tilt adjustment for easier viewing

Low profile and smaller footprint

USB & Ethernet connectivity

Simplified programming and profile management

New options for viewing, managing and exporting data

New password security options

New Responsive Vibrac Europe Website

We have a new website

Although rebuilt from the ground up to behave differently, our new website retains the look and feel of the previous version.

This new site is responsive, meaning it alters its appearance to best suit the device it's being viewed upon, whether that be a desktop computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone. The same content is displayed regardless but in the case of mobile devices, the interface will be more user-friendly.

We hope as a visitor you'll be able to quickly and easily find the information you require, whether it's the Services we offer or our Torque Testing or Bearing Test Systems. Our Website Map lists all sections and pages.

Automatic V Manual Torque Testing

Trying to choose between a manual and automated torque tester, with the help of our customers we were able to compile data from real life production environments showing the virtues of an automated device. We understand that not everyone has the budget for an automated device and that for many a manual tester will do the job. However consider the following advantages of an automated tester and the positive impact it can have on your product quality as well as employee and consumer safety/satisfaction.

First off, manual testing devices require the operator to lock the container in place often by turning a knob or moving a clamp assembly and then using their hand to grip the closure and twist it until it releases.

1. Workplace Safety

Frequent manual testing is a known workplace hazard. Many of our customers have converted to our automated testers simply to eliminate this risk from their environment. It’s not uncommon for employees to file compensation claims for wrist and hand injuries associated with performing manual torque tests.

2. Inconsistent and inaccurate results

When performing a torque test manually many uncontrolled variables are introduced into the equation including varying top-load, acceleration, closure gripping and degree of rotation. All of these variables will effect the final read out. An automated device will isolate and control all of these variable to ensure that your results are accurate and repeatable. In addition users can validate and quickly check the the automated systems to ensure that everything is performing to specification.

3. Non-compliance

For some reason operators tend to ignore and or fudge their results when using a manual torque tester. Perhaps they are busy or simply don’t care, but regardless we’ve seen and been told that operators tend to “forgive” bad results and keep on going. Automated testers don’t allow for this on the job decision making. Results are digital and stored electronically. If a product does not pass the test then an operator is compelled to follow up.  Contact us for further information on our automated torque testers.

3 Advantages to having a customised cap chuck for cap torque testing

Serrated caps frequently used in the beverage and pharmaceutical industry are prone to slippage during torque tests especially when used with hand testers or “universal” type chuck solutions. Torqo, the computerized cap torque testing unit offered from Mesa Labs, offers a customized chuck for each bottle and cap type developed from samples provided by the customer. These customized chucks provide significant advantages including:

1. Ensuring the most accurate testing because the EDM chuck is designed to exactly fit the unique serration pattern of the closure.

2. Allowing for consistent and repeatable testing because the chuck fits the cap the same way each time. Cannot be adjusted.

3. Reduces the prep time before the test because the user does not have to re-adjust the universal plugs.

Using a customized chuck for cap torque testing not only will provide more consistent results but also will save set up time for the user and thus increase productivity.  Contact us for further information.

Thin walled plastic bottles

A new trend in the bottling industry is creating difficulties for those trying to test cap torque values within their bottling line. New, thinner plastic bottles are increasing in popularity by bottlers due to the fact that they are lighter and cheaper, thus reducing overhead costs and increasing the company’s environmental reputation. This trend, however, does create some issues for cap torque testers.


The lighter plastic makes it more difficult for traditional torque testing devices to grip the bottles using standard techniques and equipment/accessories.Though not impossible, this difficulty can result in inconsistent and inaccurate testing results. To combat this issue, Torqo from Mesa Labs has introduced a new long pin vice as a solution for cap torque testing on the newer bottle designs. This new vice allows the Torqo torque testing system to repeatedly make consistent and accurate readings of these new types of bottles by increasing the area of the bottle that the vice can hold on to.

Hot Fill Packaging

The hot fill packaging process has become very popular in the beverage industry for several reasons. Firstly, the heat is an effective method to sterilize the container and prevent bacteria growth. Another advantage of the hot fill process is that it offers the bottler the capability to produce products in shorts runs which can expand the capabilities of and reduce the costs for packagers.   It is also a less rigorous level of implementation and product preparation. Many consumers are becoming aware of the ill effects of chemicals and preservatives in the packaging process and hot fill offers bottlers an alternative to incorporating these into their process. Hot fill can be suitable for multiple different types of drinks and can significantly extend the shelf life of a product.

The process works with sensitive < 4.5 PH beverages that are first pasteurized to neutralize the microbiological state. This is also known as chemical neutralization which is the reaction of an acid with a base. Then from the pasteurizer, the products are hot filled, capped and then turned on the side which in turn sterilizes the cap, killing unwanted bacteria. Immediately after this the bottles are cooled down to ensure the product and vitamin integrity. More and more companies are leaning toward the hot fill process. The industry is well positioned to continue to serve consumers with the introduction and the evolution of the new environmentally friendly hot fill process.

Universal Cap Chuck

When caps are tested on an automatic system such as Cap Inspector or Torqo, we usually hold the cap in a device called the cap chuck, (EDM) this is typically a specially engineered part made to suit a particular cap that has serrations around the outside, the serrations are used to apply a driving force to release the cap.  The EDM cap chuck is the best all round solution for serrated caps but is cap specific.


So what happens if the cap has no serrations and is smooth sided, such as many of those used within the cosmetic industry.  In these circumstances a normal cap chuck is no use, so we need to find another solution.  The Compressed Ring Chuck is the usual choice, but is cap specific, we have had great sucess with our Universal Cap Chuck, this employs grips to hold the most difficult caps and can accept caps from 15mm diameter up to 150mm diameter, this makes it a very low cost solution if many different caps need to be tested, for example in R & D departments.

New Vibrac Europe Web Site

We have refeshed our web site with an improved design for a more informative and pleasurable experience for our visitors.  Our web site now carries more product information accessed via clear navigation, with links to video content. Our news & blog section will keep our site surfers informed of any developments or interesting facts.