Vibrac Europe Services

Our services cover the whole spectrum of Torque/motion measurement and recording. Our test systems are used by a very wide range of industries, such as, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Areospace, Household Products, Automobile, Industrial, Medical, etc.

Our huge customer base continues to add to our product and application knowledge, over the years there are not many application scenario's that we haven't experienced, this enables us to provide a very high level of help and advice in matters of Torque measurement.

We supply all peripharals such as, clamps & vices, cap chucks and unique cap holding solutions, Calibration equipment and weights, verification devices, printers, repair service and spare parts. Depending on geographic location, we provide an 'in-house' calibration service.

In a more specialised field, we supply equipment specifically for testing bearings, our Bearing Inspector ll, is a bench top system for measuring the torque characteristics of anti-friction bearing assemblies, further information can be found elswhere on this web site under main menu - Products - Bearing Test Systems.

We have recently introduced 'Visco II' our device for measuring fluid viscosity. Also check out our Test-All Calibrator, designed and built to check the torque setting on hand held torque devices such as screwdrivers & wrenches.

Change Parts

We can produce a cap chuck for any kind of cap, all we need is some sample caps so we can precision engineer a high quality cap chuck manufactured exactly to fit your cap.

From point of order we can usually turn round a new cap chuck within a few working days.