Vibrac Europe Product Range

Representing the pinnacle in the precision motion test equipment market, we bring advanced technology solutions to the field of automated torque related test problems.

Over forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of systems for product testing is reflected in every system we provide. Our systems are reliable, durable and designed to be easily operated to produce quality, consistent results. Whether you are testing torque, induction sealing, or capping/uncapping limited runs of product, we will provide you with a high quality and dependable system which will perform to the highest quality standards.

We are proud of our association with our principal supplier, Vibrac Inc, who continue to push the boundaries in the design and manufacture of world class torque related products.

Today Vibrac Europe Limited stands as a designated distributor across Europe on behalf of Vibrac, it should be noted that Vibrac continue to develop their torque related products, including the Bearing Inspector ll, Test-All ll, Torque transducers, etc.

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